Hubert Gaillard, new sales manager of Louis Picamelot
Published on 27/02/2020
Hubert Gaillard, new sales manager of Louis Picamelot

After 4 years at Louis Picamelot, Chloe Friedmann leaves her position of sales manager to Hubert Gaillard.

Hubert Gaillard, most recently head sommelier of restaurant
Lameloise, will work closely with Philippe Chautard. “Hubert
Gaillard brings his detailed knowledge of local and international
markets plus extensive sales experience. This combined with his
outstanding palate makes Hubert the ideal partner in our pursuit
of ever greater quality for our clients,” explains Philippe Chautard.


Hubert Gaillard, 41, originally from Grenoble joined Maison
Lameloise in 2004 and was appointed wine director and chef
sommelier in 2009. “This is a fantastic challenge for me. I share
the ideals of Louis Picamelot and Philippe Chautard: a pursuit
of excellence and the belief that Burgundy’s sparkling wines
will be recognised as among the finest and on a par with those
of Champagne,” says Hubert Gaillard.